Know Your Bedsheets

After a tiring day of honest work, our bedroom is the one place where we relax and feel comfortable. Since the bedroom holds such importance it is imperative that we truly feel “at home”. Experiencing comfort implies that our bed is as comfortable as we want it to be. It requires a little effort from us to make the bed comfortable.

Gone are the days when bland, dull, and unicolored bedsheets were used. People are now shifting towards fashionable, matching bed sheets. Moreover, the type of fabric is also widely considered while purchasing a bedsheet.


Finding a bedsheet that rightly fits your bed is the first step towards a relaxing sleep. Your bedsheet must perfectly fit the mattress making sure that no corner is left uncovered. A small bedsheet wouldn’t cover your bed and it will not please you aesthetically as well as with regards to your comfortability. Similarly, excessively large bedsheets will make your bed look shaggy. So, before buying a bedsheet make sure to measure the bed and then buy a bedsheet.

Choosing the Right Fabric

It is crucial that you select a fabric that feels soft against your skin. Moreover, if you are looking to feel luxurious then silk and satin would be your ideal choice. There are numerous fabric choices ranging from cotton to linen but the right fabric can only be known by you. Also, keep in mind the season in which you are going to use the bedsheet. For example, cotton and polyester can be the optimal option for winter. Whatever fabric you choose, just keep in mind that you should feel comfortable when you lie on top of it.

Thread Count

Thread count doesn’t mean that you start counting each thread on the bedsheet. Thread count simply means the number of threads in a square inch area. Counting thread count is important because a higher thread count would surely ensure the durability of the bedsheet. It is generally considered that a thread count of 250 or above is optimal. However, a thread count below 144 is absolutely not recommended.

SKD’S Bedding

SKD has a product range that is carefully manufactured after deep R&D. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures that you get the bedsheet that you desire. From thread count to dyeing, we ensure the highest quality standard. Our bedsheets are the bedding solution that you have been searching for.