Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Natural-Sourced Material

Production Capacity

Our purpose is to keep the natural-sourced material as pure as possible. All of our products are manufactured by a competent staff utilizing a well-balanced combination of traditional, human-monitored procedures and cutting-edge machinery.

We take pride in supplying products that are both Durable and Ergonomic.

  • Fabric: 15 million meters of wider fabric each year
  • Sheet sets: 1.2 million sheet sets per year

Our facilities comprise of 100+ state-of-the-art advanced machinery that deliver superior quality products.

Our Specialties:

  • Hem treatments with single & double-needles, buttoning, and unique embellishment.
  • Our Juki Sewing Machines are used for innovative and durable products.


Experienced staff

We are a team highly trained and experienced staff that work efficiently towards the entire process, from product development, design through weaving, processing, cut-and-sew, branding & marketing.