Basic Bedding / Sheet Sets

Our attention to detail and commitment to quality have made us a leading maker of high-quality bed sheets. Our bed linen are available in a variety of categories, ranging from excellent to exceptional, and are tailored to our clients’ category and price point.

Fashion Bedding

We are a prominent producer of fashionable bedding. Matching and complimentary sheets, Duvet cover & Sham, Bed valance, Comforters, Quilts, Protectors, Pillows are all included in our collections. When consumers pick one of our collections, they get everything they need to put together the ideal look in their favorite style.

Institutions Bedding

We’re proud to supply bedding to prestigious hotels, resorts, and other establishments. We have a track record of providing superior institutional bedding that has lasted for long. To make bedding that looks appealing and provides comfort, we utilize more durable threads, weaving advances, and completion techniques.

Raw Material:

1. Cotton
2. Linen & Hemp
3. Linen Blends
4. Tencel & Modal

Product Type :

1. Sheet Sets
2. Duvet Cover & Sham
3. Comforters
4. Protectors

Special Embellishment:

1. Marrowing
2. Ribboning
3. Crochet Lace
4. Chording
5. Fagotting
6. Pleating
7. Gathering
8. Embroidery